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About the film


Renata and Célia meet a group of eight teenagers who have experienced various types of violence (sexual and emotional abuse, extreme poverty). Having ended up on the streets of a small Brazilian town, they became involved in situations of sexual exploitation. The two friends develop a series of actions with the girls to end the violence they are suffering.


Renata rediscovers cassette tapes containing the original recorded interviews with those girls and is overwhelmed by memories and questions.


Motivated by emotions and the urgency to find these women today, Renata gets into contact with Célia. Together, they start their quest to find them.  

Renata, Célia, and the girls had their lives transformed by their time together in the past. Today, through Unheard Voices Brazil, the story of their reunion will be told, revealing a look into their lives today and how they reflect on what they experienced.  

Told in their own words, the film will show the girls’ lives, their thoughts and aspirations,  which were captured on casette tapes at the time. The documentary will focus on individual testimonies that are able to challenge our own prejudices.

Their voices, unheard for so many years, will finally be brought to light.

Unheard Voices Brazil is a documentary for a cause. It gives a clear and realistic picture of the experiences of children and teenagers who are left behind in society through sexual exploitation, amongst other social issues.

By the means of this film, we will be able to reflect on our personal actions and the effectiveness of social policies that aim to combat sexual exploitation.